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Expert and Advisory Services Delivered by an Industry Practitioner

David D. Gibbons & Company, LLC provides banking and bank regulation expert witness, litigation consulting, and advisory services. Our business serves a diverse clientele, ranging from banks and bankers to lawyers and litigators, to bank regulators, to other financial service organizations. Our knowledge, expertise, experience and services cover a broad spectrum of banking, bank regulation, and enforcement matters, from safety and soundness to compliance and conduct.  Our team has expert knowledge of banking and bank regulatory policies and practices and industry standards, including heightened risk management standards, risk assessment, examination, and enforcement. We possess proven regulatory issue remediation and troubled bank remediation expertise. Our company is founded and led by David, who is an accomplished financial services executive with unique perspectives as a former senior bank regulator (both policy and supervision), chief risk officer, and banking consultant (shadow regulator). In leading our team, he leverages his 40 years of experience with financial services organizations, ranging from community to regional to systemically important.

Scales and Gavel


  • Expert Testimony
  • Litigation Consulting and Support
  • Regulatory Assessments
  • Regulatory Remediation
  • Regulatory Relations

Subject Matters

  • Banking
  • Bank Supervision
  • Regulation and Enforcement
  • Troubled Institutions
  • Safety Soundness
  • Lending and Credit Risk
  • Other Financial Risks
  • Enterprise Risk
  • Compliance Risk
  • Board Governance
  • Management Effectiveness

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